for what is this enmity toward yourself

what true in you is beautiful 

you know what urban dictionary says about my name? urban dictionary is a really great authority and you know, it can’t lie *coughs*


this world dies, slowly disappears

rejects pearls, chooses pigs

for some reason i hate the phrase “signal boost”. whenever i see it on my dash i roll my eyes and scroll by the posts with it


MAN YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I’D LIKE TO DO IT. but i don’t know anybody with drums and 100% won’t buy them. or imma fly to usa and steal your drums hehe

Chemical beauty won’t replace you
While leaving you digged me with a heel into pavement
I am sick, sad and lonely
It hurts me and probably will get worse
I take daily pills and sleeping pills
It’s always gonna be this way? well, that sucks
For a breakfast I drink alcohol
Where’s my serotonin?